Amyloid plaques and tau tangles are likely to accumulate within the mind as we grow old, however on the most superior ages they do not correlate with cognitive signs


16 September 2022

Brain scans that show signs of Alzheimer's disease

MRI scans displaying modifications within the mind related to Alzheimer’s illness

Shutterstock/Atthapon Raksthaput

For individuals who reside to 100 or past, modifications within the mind often related to Alzheimer’s illness don’t appear to correlate with cognitive impairment.

For many years, researchers have suspected that clumps of proteins often known as amyloid plaques and tau tangles have been the primary drivers of Alzheimer’s illness as a result of they’re discovered within the brains of people that die from the situation.

But a rising pile of proof has additionally proven that many individuals who reside into their …

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