Thousands and thousands of distant galaxies are obscured by the Magellanic Clouds, which orbit the Milky Approach. Nevertheless, utilizing a number of totally different telescopes, astronomers can see past them to construct a 3D map of the hidden galaxies


22 July 2022

The Small Magellanic Cloud

The Small Magellanic Cloud

ESA/Hubble and Digitized Sky Survey

Astronomers are constructing a three-dimensional map of tens of millions of distant galaxies which might be usually blocked from view by the Magellanic Clouds, a pair of galaxies that orbit the Milky Approach. The map would be the largest but of such hidden galaxies and should result in new insights about how stars and galaxies evolve.

Jessica Craig at Keele College within the UK and her colleagues are utilizing information from two totally different telescopes and one house observatory to make the map.

The researchers began by taking a look at near-infrared …

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