Dramatic footage confirmed killer whales utilizing a uncommon looking method to entice and kill a seal within the icy waters surrounding Antarctica.

The video, a part of the BBC’s new Frozen Planet II documentary launched Sunday within the UK, exhibits 4 killer whales that attacked a Weddell Seal. The seal had discovered refuge on a platform product of ice floating on water.

The killer whales began by swimming facet by facet, which created a wave that cracked the seal’s giant ice platform right into a smaller one, making it susceptible.

A second wave the whales generated knocked the seal off the ice into the water, the place the whales may assault it.

As soon as the seal was within the water, the whales used one other looking method: blowing bubbles to confuse the seal, which made it simpler to catch.

There are solely about 100 killer whales on Earth that use this refined coordinated looking method, per the documentary, narrated by the naturalist Sir David Attenborough. It is named “wave-crashing”.

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Killer whales are recognized for his or her exact focused assaults. A latest report confirmed the animals are capable of rip out nice white sharks’ inside organs, equivalent to their liver, with surgical precision.

An professional beforehand advised Insider they may achieve this through the use of their echolocation to seek out the fattiest organs of their prey.

Killer whales aren’t postpone by looking animals bigger than them. Uncommon footage launched earlier this 12 months confirmed them attacking and killing at the least two blue whales, the biggest animals on the planet.

The orcas had been recorded swimming into the mouth of the blue whales to chomp off their wealthy tongues.

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