A weevil designed to kill an issue aquatic weed is the newest organic agent chosen to sort out the financial and biodiversity scourge of invasive species within the UK


5 August 2022

Listronotus elongatus,a South American weevil

Listronotus elongatus, a South American weevil


Housed in a plastic meals container and measuring simply 0.5 centimetres lengthy, the weevil doesn’t look very menacing. But this specimen of Listronotus elongatus is the UK’s newest hope in a brand new wave of organic methods to manage invasive species relatively than utilizing unsustainable chemical and mechanical strategies.

The South American creature’s goal is floating pennywort (Hydrocotyle ranunculoides), an invasive plant that chokes rivers and lakes by creating heavy floating mats, slicing water oxygen ranges and outcompeting native crops.

The weevil I …

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