Discoveries from the James Webb House Telescope are pouring in, with an evaluation of the most recent information revealing a galaxy that dates again to only 300 million years after the large bang – the oldest we’ve got ever seen


20 July 2022

GLASS-z13, the oldest galaxy ever seen

GLASS-z13 is the oldest galaxy ever seen

Naidu et al, P. Oesch, T. Treu, GLASS-JWST, NASA/CSA/ESA/STScI

Simply weeks into its mission, the James Webb House Telescope (JWST) has damaged the file for the oldest galaxy ever noticed by almost 100 million years.

Seeing among the first galaxies to type after the large bang 13.eight billion years in the past is without doubt one of the key targets of the JWST. When these emerged is presently unknown: the earlier oldest recognized galaxy, discovered by the Hubble House Telescope, is referred to as GN-z11 and dates again to 400 million years after the start of the universe. …

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