After being bitten by malaria-carrying mosquitoes, folks with a sure mixture of intestine micro organism had a lot greater ranges of the parasite of their blood than these with completely different microbes

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21 September 2022

3d illustration of blood cells and Plasmodium sp. parasites causing malaria.

Malaria parasites multiply inside pink blood cells


Your intestine microbes might affect how nicely malaria parasites replicate in your physique, in response to a small research. If confirmed, the findings may imply that altering the intestine microbiome can defend folks towards extreme malaria.

Earlier research taking a look at naturally occurring malaria infections in folks have hinted at a attainable hyperlink between the combo of micro organism in folks’s guts and the severity of malaria infections.

Jennifer Manuzak at Tulane College in Louisiana and her colleagues appeared to check this concept by intentionally …

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