On the Rushton Woods Protect exterior of Philadelphia, birds are being outfitted with tiny radio trackers that give us unprecedented perception into their journeys throughout the globe


27 July 2022

An Eastern Towhee perched on a textured log in the open with a smooth green background.

Jap towhees are one of many species being outfitted with tiny trackers on the Rushton Nature Protect exterior of Philadelphia

Getty pictures/iStockphoto

Within the dappled mild beneath the forest cover, ornithologist Shelly Eshleman pauses for a second to hear. It’s simply after 6am on a moist July morning, and thru the early morning refrain of birdsong, she has detected the distinct chatter of an japanese towhee – the species we’re searching for.

As we transfer by the understory on the Rushton Woods Protect exterior of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I dodge a set …

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