The COVID-19 pandemic is in no way over, however as time goes on, scientists are studying increasingly more concerning the virus – and the varied ways in which we are able to defend towards it, together with new and improved face masks.


A brand new membrane-based respiratory masks developed by researchers can seize and deactivate SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins because it comes into contact with them. These spike proteins are what permit the virus to enter host cells as soon as they’re within the physique.

As per assessments, virtually 99 p.c of focused airborne particles could be filtered out by the brand new masks, giving wearers a significant further layer of safety relating to avoiding an infection.

“This new materials can filter out the virus just like the N95 masks does, but in addition consists of antiviral enzymes that utterly deactivate it,” says chemical engineer Dibakar Bhattacharyya from the College of Kentucky.

“This innovation is one other layer of safety towards SARS-CoV-2 that may assist stop the virus from spreading.”

After creating the membrane with a producer, the researchers examined it utilizing SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins that had been immobilized on artificial particles. It was in a position to cease coronavirus-sized aerosols from getting by means of whereas additionally destroying the spike proteins inside 30 seconds of contact.

The membrane could be tweaked when it comes to its thickness and porosity, leaving open the potential of additional enhancements sooner or later. It means the kind of particles filtered out by the membrane could be fastidiously managed.


In accordance with the staff, a masks utilizing this membrane may very well be worn for 2 hours a day for a number of days with out affecting breathability. Meaning masks haven’t got to get replaced as typically, so fewer used masks should be disposed of over time.

“The revolutionary improvement of sensible filtration supplies with low airflow resistance that may filter, seize, and deactivate aerosolized virus particles can present immense human well being and industrial office advantages,” write the researchers of their revealed paper.

The safety issue supplied by the brand new masks is greater than the N95 masks customary, which is licensed as having the ability to filter out 95 p.c of particles (therefore the identify). N95 masks have three or 4 fiber layers, plus an electrically charged filter layer.

Proper now, the N95 masks is essentially the most generally used within the healthcare trade, although there’s nonetheless room for enchancment. With their new masks, the researchers received to 98.9 p.c for 100 nanometer aerosol particles (together with these carrying SARS-CoV-2).

What the researchers do not say is how lengthy it is going to take to get this materials from the lab into masks that you’re truly in a position to exit and purchase – although contemplating how efficient it guarantees to be, we’re hoping it is sooner slightly than later.

“The usage of respiratory face masks gives vital discount of coronavirus unfold, as viral unfold has been confirmed to happen primarily by way of two modes of transmission: droplet unfold and inhalation of infectious airborne aerosols,” write the researchers.

The analysis has been revealed in Communications Supplies.


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