Extremely acidic water often breaks down a tadpole’s gill lining, however an Australian frog has advanced to suck in additional protecting calcium from the intense ecosystem the place it lives


29 July 2022

A pobblebonk frog (Limnodynastes terraereginae) in south-east Queensland, Australia

A scarlet-sided pobblebonk frog in south-east Queensland, Australia

Australia’s scarlet-sided pobblebonk frog thrives in waters so acidic they need to be lethal, with its tadpoles tolerating water with a pH inside the vary of human abdomen acid. This can be due to the frogs’ heightened capability to attract dissolved calcium from the water into their gills, assuaging the dangerous results of the acid.

Freshwater lakes and streams usually fall into the impartial vary of 6 to eight on the pH scale. However naturally occurring extremely acidic freshwater ecosystems, equivalent to …

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