Ants desire to not make a collective raft when on water. Nevertheless, as soon as there are 10 bugs close to one another, the so-called Cheerios impact pushes them collectively and is just too robust to counteract


13 September 2022

Small fire ant rafts are unstable.

Hearth ants can type rafts, however they’d moderately not

Andre L Magyar and Candler Hobbs/Georgia Tech

Hearth ants can type spectacular rafts made up of lots of of ants. Nevertheless, moderately than this being the results of collective social behaviour as was beforehand thought, experiments counsel the bugs are compelled collectively by a fluid phenomenon known as the Cheerios impact. If there are 10 or extra close by ants on water, the impact turns into too robust to beat.

When an ant nest will get flooded, ant colonies can survive by banding collectively to type rafts. These are buoyant sufficient to drift …

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