Many dwarf galaxies torn up by the gravity of close by objects might not have any darkish matter, which does not line up with our understanding of the universe – however they might be defined by a controversial alternate mannequin of gravity


10 August 2022

W0MN5G This undated NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image shows the galaxy IC 335 in front of a backdrop of distant galaxies. IC 335 is part of a galaxy group containing three other galaxies, and located in the Fornax Galaxy Cluster 60 million light-years away, December 30, 2014. As seen in this image, the disc of IC 335 appears edge-on from the vantage point of Earth. UPI/NASA

A galaxy positioned within the Fornax Cluster about 60 million gentle years away


A close-by galaxy cluster referred to as the Fornax Cluster is ripping aside its dwarf galaxies. They seem like tearing up much more simply than we might count on, suggesting that they might not include any darkish matter. Which will imply there’s something basically flawed with our understanding of the universe.

In the usual mannequin of cosmology, referred to as lambda-CDM, most galaxies ought to include a wholesome dollop of darkish matter. The gravity of this invisible substance helps maintain a galaxy …

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