Whereas learning how starfish embryos swim, researchers noticed a beforehand unseen phenomenon the place the embryos clumped collectively right into a honeycomb sample close to the floor of the water


13 July 2022

Starfish living crystal

Starfish embryos clump collectively right into a ‘residing crystal’

Fakhri et al.

Starfish embryos can organise themselves into giant, oscillating crystals on the floor of water. These buildings, which had by no means been seen earlier than, could kind due to the embryos’ swimming model and physique form.

Nikta Fakhri on the Massachusetts Institute of Expertise and her colleagues positioned lots of of starfish embryos, every round 0.1 millimetres in dimension, in small, salt-water tanks. The embryos then organized themselves into honeycomb-like patterns on the water’s floor. This “residing crystal” was a pulsating hexagonal grid with the round-shaped …

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