In Emmi Itäranta’s The Moonday Letters, people have tailored to reside off-world. However central to this genre-crashing thrill journey is a reminder that hope is crucial


27 July 2022

Two Astronauts wearing Space Suits Standing on Alien Planet and Looking at Something. Futuristic Space Exploration, Discovery and Colonization.

Dwelling off-world is the norm in Emmi Itäranta’s new sci-fi novel

Gorodenkoff/Getty Photographs

The Moonday Letters

Emmi Itäranta


THE tradition on Europa is so totally different from wherever else within the photo voltaic system that guests should be rigorously briefed through the inbound journey.

The settlements established on the Jovian moon – domes constructed within the ocean deep beneath its frozen floor – are shielded from the cruel radiation of house by a thick crust of ice. A crack wherever could be devastating and the ice is delicate to sound, …

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