Suggestions raises an eyebrow on the cap which reads brainwaves to assist China detect pornography, whereas additionally investigating secret hashish services in Australia – and grave-robbing badgers


27 July 2022

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Josie Ford

Thought police

Sustaining China’s 73-year ban on pornography is a job of labor, however a natty new piece of headgear could assist. The federal government’s “porn appraisers” have now merely to solid their eyes over suspect materials at velocity, and their caps – a type of wire-covered bathe cap developed by researchers at Beijing Jiaotong College – will learn their brainwaves and detect when one thing catches their salacious curiosity. PC Gamer wonders why the system is to this point solely 80 per cent correct, suspecting it’s as a result of the coaching materials comes pre-censored. However what if the inaccurate outcomes have been false positives? Suggestions …

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