Mosquito-proof materials are being examined by the US navy in an effort to make uniforms that shield towards malaria and different ailments


19 July 2022

Roughly one dozen mosquitoes rest upon a white piece of fabric

Mosquitoes could also be no match for materials woven with insect repellant-infused fibres

Johner Photographs/Alamy

Future US navy uniforms might grant safety towards disease-carrying mosquitoes by having insect repellent embedded inside the cloth itself. Testing by navy researchers has proven that specifically manufactured nylon fibres can present gradual launch of repellents for not less than three days, greater than the 8-to-12-hour safety offered by spraying frequent insect repellents reminiscent of DEET or picaridin on clothes and pores and skin.

All through a lot of human historical past, insect-borne illness has usually inflicted extra casualties on armies than fight – and …

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