In case you dwell in Europe, north Africa or north-west Asia, you possibly can watch Uranus move behind the moon and emerge on the opposite facet in a uncommon lunar occultation this month


7 September 2022

Observing the crescent Moon by binoculars.


ON 14 September, stargazers will likely be handled to a lunar occultation of Uranus. On this uncommon occasion, the planet will move behind the moon within the sky, with the moon briefly blocking Uranus from view. Round an hour later, it can re-emerge on the moon’s different facet.

As a result of the moon is so near Earth in contrast with the whole lot else we see within the evening sky, it seems at completely different factors, relative to the celebrities and planets, relying on the place you look from. Which means lunar occultations, the place the moon seems to maneuver in entrance of a planet, are …

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