A dystopian future is not inevitable. By prioritising the wants of our kids and grandchildren as we speak, we can provide them a world with out poverty, discrimination and so many different evils, says William MacAskill


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7 September 2022

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Simone Rotella

CURRENTLY, society does little to look after its future. In my new e-book, What We Owe the Future, I make the case for longtermism: the view that we must be doing rather more to guard the pursuits of generations to return. Longtermism places the wants of our kids and grandchildren entrance and centre in our ethical pondering, and takes severely the sheer scale of the long run which may be forward of us.

Why ought to we glance to date forward? The case for longtermism is grounded in three key concepts.

The primary is that future individuals matter. The ethical price …

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