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Platinum is a invaluable metallic that some say is even rarer than gold.

Whereas platinum is commonly utilized in jewellery, it additionally has a number of different makes use of in varied industries because of its unreactive nature and ductility.

Whether or not you need to take a look at if the platinum you’ve is actual otherwise you’re simply curious, it’s possible you’ll surprise if platinum is magnetic.

Right here’s what you want about platinum and whether or not it’s magnetic or not.


Is Platinum Magnetic?

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No, platinum doesn’t have magnetic properties.

Platinum is paramagnetic which implies its magnetic properties aren’t robust sufficient to really be magnetic.

That mentioned, platinum can turn out to be magnetic when mixed with different alloys.

Some researchers have even used an electrical area to make the floor of a platinum sheet magnetic.

Nonetheless, by itself and in its pure kind, platinum isn’t magnetic.


Can A Magnet Stick To Platinum?

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No, a magnet won’t stick with platinum.

For a magnet to stay to a metallic, there needs to be some form of attraction between magnetic dipoles.

Since platinum doesn’t create a magnetic dipole by itself, there’s nothing to draw the magnet to it.

As such, a magnet will slide off something made from pure platinum.


Can You Choose Up A Platinum Ring With A Magnet?

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Should you’re questioning whether or not your ring is made out of platinum or not, it’s possible you’ll surprise in the event you can decide it up with a magnet.

No, you can’t decide up a platinum ring with a magnet.

In case your magnet is choosing up the ring, it isn’t made out of platinum, or, on the very least, it isn’t made out of pure platinum.


How To Check If Your Platinum Is Actual

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Platinum is an costly materials utilized in jewellery.

As a result of it’s uncommon and has a number of useful options for jewellery, it tends to return with a excessive price ticket.

Before you purchase one thing that claims to be platinum from a flea market or at an vintage retailer, it’s possible you’ll surprise if it’s actual.

Listed below are a number of methods you could take a look at platinum to make sure it’s actual.


1. Verify For A Hallmark

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One of many first exams you need to carry out to find out in case your platinum jewellery is actual or not is to search for a hallmark.

A trademark is both a brand, signature, or some type of stamp on the jewellery that particulars the jewellery piece’s purity.

On rings, you’ll be able to usually discover the hallmark on the within of the band.

For different items of jewellery, you’ll discover the stamp in a much less apparent place.

A trademark for a platinum piece ought to have some quantity written on it together with the letters “PT” or “PLAT.”

You could even see the phrase “platinum” absolutely written out.

The quantity signifies how pure the piece is.

For instance, you would possibly see 85 PT in your ring.

Which means your ring makes use of 85% platinum.

Should you don’t see a quantity, however you do see the phrase “platinum” on the piece, it means your piece is at the very least 95% platinum.

95% platinum is among the purest jewellery items you will discover.

Should you don’t see a stamp, there is perhaps a number of causes.

Older items of jewellery could not have this stamp.

Jewellery makers didn’t begin on platinum till 1975.

In case your piece is older than that, it received’t embrace a trademark even whether it is made from platinum.

One more reason you won’t see the hallmark is that the piece is from one other nation.

Not all international locations use hallmarks to point the purity of jewellery.

Lastly, it could not present the stamp as a result of its purity is lower than 50%.

If there’s lower than 50% platinum used within the piece, it received’t have a trademark.

In search of a trademark may help you establish whether or not your platinum piece is actual platinum or an alloy.


2. Examine Shade

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One other distinguishing factor about platinum is its shade.

Platinum has a brighter shade than silver, palladium, and white gold.

It additionally tends to be whiter.

As a result of it may be tough to match with out realizing what platinum seems to be like, it’s value getting out a number of items of metallic to match them.

You need to begin your take a look at by getting out a bit that you realize is silver.

This can be the toughest metallic to tell apart from platinum.

Evaluate the 2 collectively.

If the jewellery piece is brighter and whiter than the silver piece, you realize it’s platinum.

If the piece is about the identical because the silver piece, there’s a superb likelihood that it’s silver.

White gold is one other metallic that may be tough to tell apart from platinum.

In truth, jewellery makers began to make white gold as a stand-in for platinum.

White gold makes use of gold combined with both zinc or nickel to provide it a white look.

As a result of it isn’t inherently white, nonetheless, there are delicate variations you will discover between white gold and platinum.

As soon as extra, you’ll have to get a bit of white gold to match it on to your platinum jewellery piece.

When evaluating the 2, you need to discover that white gold is a shade darker than platinum.

Platinum additionally shines a bit brighter than white gold.

If the sheen is greater, your jewellery piece is probably going made out of platinum.

If it seems to be precisely the identical as white gold, together with its sheen, there’s an opportunity that the piece is white gold as an alternative.

Wanting on the shade and sheen of your jewellery piece may help you establish if it’s actual platinum or not.


3. Tarnish Check

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One of many causes platinum is so extensively used within the jewellery business is as a result of it’s very unreactive.

Because it doesn’t react a lot with something, it additionally doesn’t tarnish.

Tarnish is an issue that jewellery makers have with sure metals like silver.

When silver turns into uncovered to sure components, it begins to show black.

This may trigger the jewellery proprietor a great deal of misery.

To maintain the silver from tarnishing, they should frequently polish the piece to maintain it shining and delightful.

Platinum doesn’t have that drawback.

Because it doesn’t react a lot with something, you received’t see any blemishes on it.

For instance, you received’t see rust or a black smear on any of your items.

You possibly can take a look at to see in case your jewellery piece will turn out to be tarnished in a number of other ways.

Understand that if it isn’t platinum, you might doubtlessly spoil your piece.

As such, it’s a good suggestion to proceed considering that it could tarnish and solely take a look at a small space that’s tough to see.

A technique you’ll be able to see in case your jewellery piece tarnishes is by putting it in water.

You too can use an eye fixed dropper to drop a small quantity of water in a selected place.

As soon as it comes into contact with the water, let it dry beneath the solar.

Some metals begin to corrode or tarnish after publicity to water and drying.

Oxidation, particularly, is responsible.

You too can attempt one thing a bit heavier like vinegar or lemon juice.

If the piece continues to have a look at it at all times does, it’s made out of platinum.

Nonetheless, in the event you see rust or a black smear, there’s a superb likelihood that it’s silver or another sort of metallic.

Testing to see if it turns into tarnished is an effective approach to decide if the platinum is actual or not.


4. Scratch Check

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One other glorious characteristic of platinum is that it’s often scratch-resistant.

That mentioned, as a result of it’s malleable, it additionally comparatively gentle.

Should you had been to scratch the piece very arduous or with sure instruments, you then’d most likely scratch it.

That mentioned, platinum jewellery items shouldn’t scratch simply.

It isn’t as gentle as another metals utilized in jewellery.

That’s why you may as well use a scratch take a look at to find out if the piece is actual platinum or not.

To carry out the scratch take a look at, you need to begin along with your fingernail.

Flippantly run your fingernail alongside the floor of the piece in an space that’s tough for viewers to see.

If it doesn’t scratch, you’ll be able to proceed to the subsequent step.

If it does scratch, then you need to know instantly that the piece isn’t actual platinum.

It shouldn’t be scratching that simply in any other case.

Subsequent, you need to apply a bit extra stress along with your fingernail.

Once more, if it doesn’t scratch, there’s a superb likelihood that it’s platinum.

If it does scratch, it won’t be platinum.

Lastly, you’ll need to use one thing a bit extra abrasive than your fingernail.

A nail, for instance, would possibly do the trick.

Apply mild stress to the nail in opposition to the jewellery piece.

Urgent too arduous would possibly scratch the piece even whether it is platinum.

Nonetheless, in the event you run it with simply sufficient stress alongside the floor, it shouldn’t have any scratches.

If it doesn’t, it’s platinum.

If it does scratch, it could have some platinum in it, but it surely isn’t pure platinum.

A scratch take a look at will be helpful in figuring out if the jewellery piece makes use of actual platinum, an alloy of it, or one other metallic completely.


5. Acid Scratch Check

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If you need a extra definitive manner of figuring out in case your jewellery piece is actual platinum or not, you should use an acid scratch take a look at.

An acid scratch take a look at makes use of a scratching stone and varied acids that react with particular metals.

You will discover kits on-line.

The equipment you’ll want ought to embrace, on the very least, an acid for platinum.

Some kits produce other acids for various metals as effectively.

It could be helpful to purchase this equipment if you wish to decide what metallic the jewellery piece makes use of if it isn’t platinum.

Utilizing an acid scratch take a look at is sort of simple, however just be sure you’re following security tips.

You’ll additionally want to make sure that you’ve part of the jewellery piece that you simply don’t thoughts scratching up.

To get sufficient of a scratch on the stone, you’re going to want to make use of some stress on the jewellery piece.

It is going to possible harm the piece within the course of.

You’ll additionally need to just be sure you have security gloves and goggles on when conducting the take a look at.

Lastly, you should definitely learn the directions on tips on how to eliminate the acid whenever you’re performed testing with it.

You merely take a look at your piece by first dragging it in opposition to the scratching stone.

You’ll have to create a scratch you could visibly see.

It helps to make a somewhat extensive scratch, too.

When you’ve made the scratch, you’ll want to pick out the acid for platinum.

Drop the acid over the scratch mark on the stone.

If the acid dissolves the bits of metallic left on the stone, it isn’t platinum.

Nonetheless, if nothing appears to occur and the bits of metallic remaining on the stone nonetheless look shiny and vivid, it’s platinum.

You should utilize an acid scratch take a look at to find out if the platinum in your piece is actual.

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6. Density Check

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This subsequent take a look at depends on you to know the typical weights of gold, silver, and different metals.

When you’ve got different rings made out of silver or gold, it’s value grabbing them for this take a look at.

Platinum has a better density than each silver and gold.

Due to this, it feels so much heavier.

A easy take a look at you are able to do to find out in case your jewellery piece makes use of actual platinum or not is to really feel its weight in comparison with the load of gold and silver.

There are a number of variables that may give you a false optimistic or false destructive although.

For one, the scale of every jewellery piece can affect the load.

A big gold ring, for instance, is probably going going to weigh greater than a small platinum ring.

Having the identical kinds of jewellery items matter, too.

A big golden necklace will weigh greater than a small platinum ring.

Lastly, you could evaluate jewellery items that don’t have another adornments on them.

It shouldn’t have diamonds or different gem stones which might influence how a lot it weighs.

After getting jewellery items just like the piece you’re testing, you’ll need to weigh every one.

You don’t even want a scale to take action.

You possibly can maintain every one in your hand and really feel their weight.

As a result of platinum is denser than gold and silver, it ought to really feel heavier than them.

Should you discover that the piece feels heavier than the others, there’s a superb likelihood that it makes use of actual platinum.

A easy density take a look at may help you establish in case your platinum jewellery piece is actual or not.


7. Magnet Check

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One rip-off to be careful for is somebody who sells iron jewellery items for platinum ones.

As a result of iron is identical form of shade as platinum, some scammers could also be relying in your lack of know-how to make the deal.

You’ll pay them lots of of {dollars} for one thing solely value a greenback or two.

An effective way to check platinum is with a magnet.

Platinum isn’t magnetic.

As such, it ought to present no attraction with a magnet.

A magnet ought to merely slide off it.

If the jewellery piece comprises iron or stainless-steel, nonetheless, then a magnet will stick with it.

To carry out the take a look at, all you could do is maintain the magnet over the piece.

You need to really feel immediately whether or not the magnet needs to stay to the piece or not.

If not, you realize that there’s a superb likelihood that the platinum is actual.

Nonetheless, as a result of different metals, like gold and silver, are additionally not magnetic, this doesn’t imply that the jewellery piece isn’t them.

It would nonetheless be gold and silver.

The magnet take a look at is just splendid to find out if the piece is platinum or iron.



Platinum is paramagnetic and reveals little or no attraction to magnets.

Whereas some scientists have used electrical energy to make platinum magnetic, it isn’t magnetic by itself.

You should utilize magnets, and varied different exams, to assist decide if one thing makes use of pure platinum, an alloy of platinum, or a distinct metallic completely.

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