Duel within the Pool returns this week for the primary time since 2015. The competitors will pit two of the most important powerhouse nations within the sport, america and Australia, in a head-to-head battle. 

All of the competitors particulars will be discovered under, and followers in america can tune in August 20 and 21 on www.usaswimming.org/watch to view the competitors reside and watch a video replay on demand of the pool occasions. Click on right here to view the U.S. roster, whereas the Australian roster will be discovered right here


Friday, August 19 (9 a.m. native, 7 p.m. ET earlier day)

Occasion #  Occasion 
 Blended 4×800 Relay (Open Water)

Saturday, August 20 (7 p.m. native, 5 a.m. ET)

Occasion #  Occasion  
 2  Blended 4×100 Med-R
 3  W 400 Damaged FR
 4  M 100 FL
 5  Blended Class 4×50-meter freestyle relay 34 pts
 6  W 3×50 FL, Skins
 7  M 100 BR
 8  W 50 FR
 9  W 3×50 BR, Skins
 10  M 800 FR, Damaged
 11  M 100 FR
 12  Blended Class 100 FR
 13  W 4×100 Med-R
 14  M 3×50 BK, Skins 
 15  Blended Class/Ready Physique Relay
 16  M 200 IM, Thriller
 17  W 100 BK
 18  M 3×50 FR, Skins
 19  Blended MC 3×50 Kind-Stroke, Skins
 20  W 200 FR
 21  Blended 4×50 Relay (Random)

Sunday, August 21 (7 p.m. native, 5 a.m. ET)

Occasion #   Occasion 
 22  Blended 6×50 FR-R
 23  W 800 FR, Damaged
 24  M 200 FR
 25  Blended Class 4×100 FR-R 34 pts
 26  W 3×50 FR, Skins
 27  M 3×50 BR, Skins
 28  W 100 FL
 29  W 3×50 BK, Skins
 30  M 4×100 FR-R
 31  M 100 BK
 32  Blended Class 3×50 FR, Skins
 33  W 100 FR
 34  M 400 FR, Damaged
 35  M 50 FR
 36  W 100 BR
 37  M 3×50 FL, Skins
 38  Blended Class 100 Kind-Stroke
 39  W 200 IM, Thriller
 40  Blended 2x200m vs 4×100 Freestyle Random Relay

EVENT BREAKDOWNDamaged Freestyle
400m occasion: 1st leg, 200m on Three minutes; 2nd leg, 100m on 2 minutes; third leg, 100m on 2 minutes or till completed.

800m occasion: 1st leg, 300m on 5 minutes; 2nd leg, 200m on Three minutes; third leg, 200m on Three minutes; 4th leg, 100m on 2 minutes or till completed.

For each occasions, all dive begins from the blocks. First place of every leg will rating one bonus level.

Three Australian swimmers vs. three American swimmers. Final two to complete in every leg drop out, till there are solely two swimmers left. First two to drop out don’t rating factors, second two to drop out will probably be awarded factors 2-1. Last two remaining will probably be awarded factors 4-3.

Blended Class/Ready-Bodied Relay
Staff will encompass two able-bodied swimmers and two Para swimmers, within the following order: Swimmer 1 – Feminine swimmer; Swimmer 2 – Male S9 swimmer; Swimmer 3 – Feminine S9 swimmer; Swimmer 4 – Male swimmer.

For extra on Para athlete classifications, click on right here.

Thriller Particular person Medley
Thriller IM occasion could have order of strokes randomly decided at begin of the race. No matter order, all begins will probably be dive from the blocks, together with Backstroke.

Blended MC 3×50 Kind-Stroke (100-meter & Skins)
Staggered begin and elimination based mostly on end locations. Stagger will probably be based mostly on the 100m world document for swimmers chosen stroke. Swimmer to appoint their stroke forward of time and should swim chosen stroke for every leg of the race. The Starter will announce the swimmer’s depend.

Blended 4×50 Random Relay
Every group should choose two male and two feminine to swim a 4×50 relay of unknown format. Earlier than the beginning, Staff Captains will toss a coin to find out who spins the wheel, different group will spin for occasion 41 on Sunday. Profitable Captain spins the wheel to find out if this will probably be Freestyle or Medley. Each groups should swim this format.

2x200m vs 4×100 Freestyle Random Relay
Every group should choose two male and two feminine to swim a freestyle relay of unknown distance. Staff Captain of the dropping coin toss from Saturday will spin the wheel to find out which distance their group will swim. The opposite group will swim the alternate format. The group swimming the 2×200
should drop one male and one feminine athlete of their selection. Begin will probably be staggered based mostly off mixed greatest instances (to be supplied by group coach forward of time).


Energy Play
Can be utilized in any relay occasion to realize double factors. Every group has one Energy Play per day. This should be used previous to the beginning of the race. If a relay occasion with a Energy Play is gained, the group will earn
double the factors. If a relay occasion with an influence play is misplaced (the opposing group wins), half factors will probably be awarded.

Double Dip
Might be performed in any skins occasion to attempt to acquire double factors. If Double Dip is known as, an additional 50m is contested, with double factors awarded to the winner. Just one Double Dip will be performed per day.

Flag Frenzy
Might be performed in any of the 100m occasions to realize double factors. Every group can play one Flag Frenzy per day. Flag should be thrown previous to the primary swimmer hitting the 50m flip. Whoever wins an occasion with a Flag Frenzy will earn double factors, no matter which group throws the flag.

Damaged Freestyle Bonus
First place of every leg of the damaged freestyle occasions will rating 1 bonus level.

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